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My Journal is friends only. I'm pretty easy on friending though. Friend me & comment here (comments screened) & I'll friend you back. Unless you're a crazy stalker, then well, yeah.

Avengers: He Might Have Good Reason

TITLE: He Might Have Good Reason
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Tony/Pepper with a side of Captain America (Steve Rogers)
RATING: General
SPOILERS: For the Avengers movie.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Pepper wonders about the tension between Tony and Steve.
NOTES: Inspired by new fandom love, well expanded fandom love. Inspired by shippygrl's request of her personal head canon and she did a great beta job as well.

So, what’s with the aggression with Tony then?Collapse )

True Blood - While Crying

TITLE: While Crying
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: mention of Bill/Lorena
SPOILERS: Through season 3.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: A softer side of Lorena.
NOTES: This was my Challenge 1 entry for trueblood_las. The challenge was to make your least favorite character likable.

And when one solitary tear rolled down her cheek, she understood why William had still cared for humans.Collapse )


So, I've either had a revelation or lost my mind. I've signed up for a Last Author Standing.

Yes, I've been swallowed up by True Blood writing.

I mean look at this pretty. It begs for you to write about Eric's childhood by the North Sea and the skills Sookie has to show him. ;)

Plus the TB coms are so fun and amazing. So here's hoping it goes well. Come play if you're in the fandom too. :)

OMG look at him rocking this blue sweater! Unf! Unf! Unf!

True Blood - By the North Sea

Title: By the North Sea
Fandom: TV Series - Episode 3.04 - 9 Crimes
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None really, set mid episode.
Disclaimer: I made no money from the writing of this fic. First time playing in the True Blood Sandbox. Comments are always welcome. Thanks to wintergreen126 for the beta work.
Summary: I want to tell her things. About how I did play by the North Sea as a child.

My lack of control over my feelings was unsettling.Collapse )

Addresses & Cards

I'm getting ready to start doing cards. Only cards this year, but in hopes that I'll get them done.

So, a poll. I use this for referring back to throughout the year, so even if you don't want a holiday card, please to be filling out for future mail love. :)

All answers visible to me only. :)

Poll #1489913 Addresses & Cards

Who are you? Who Who Who Who

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Would you like a holiday card from me?

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Do you have a link for your Holiday Card Post?


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CSI: Locker Door

TITLE: Locker Door
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Grissom/Sara
RATING: General
SPOILERS: Yes! 10x1 spoilers based on clips that are out there.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Looking at the empty shelves, it felt like the first day of school.
NOTES: Beta'd by the always lovely mingsmommy. Inspired from the clip that was on the People site the other day as well as the 1hour2write picture challenge found here.

Magnets, some kitschy souvenir ones along with some that were practical, stuck to the door then quickly used to hang pictures and notes.Collapse )

How To: Custom Friends List Filters

A little How To for you lovelies. This is how to create a custom filter on your friends list with some instructions. Sometimes certain people or communities have things you don't need every day, but you still want to keep track of them, this is how to do it. Hope you find it helpful.

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box. From the Livejournal home page choose Manage and then Friends. The Friends Tools Page will then come up.

Screen captures and directions.Collapse )

Hope you have found this informative. If you have any questions, let me know.

1hour2write Notice

For those of you who might be interested in dipping your toe into something new.

1hour2write is a community that lets you set aside 1 hour (and a bit) each week to meet up with other writers, go write, and come back to discuss how you did.

Chat tonight: 8:30PM (EDT - 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific)
AIM Chat Room Name: onehour2write
Ping us at onehourmod on AIM if you need an invite.

Chat is open to writers of all fandoms and genres. It's time to set aside one hour to write, and a little more to communicate with other writers in a supportive community meant to encourage writing in general. Pull up a spot and get ready to write!

If you are having connection issues for the AIM Chat, we would like to suggest using the free web messaging site

We're changing up the schedule a bit for the next couple of weeks to see if we can accommodate more writers. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday - 7:30PM (EDT - 6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific)
Tuesday - 8:30PM (EDT - 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific)
Thursday - 8:30PM (EDT - 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific)

*Times are an approximation based on Mods Schedules, but will generally be around the times listed.*

Depending on the traffic, we might change it again in July, but for now, these are the days that were the most popular in the poll and that the mods could accommodate.

CSI: Secrets in the Saucier

TITLE: Secrets in the Saucier
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Grissom/Sara & Mandy/Nick
SPOILERS: Somewhere before Sara left the first time.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: A tale of love, hate, sex, mystery, murder and pricey cookware.
NOTES: So this has been sitting in my writing folder for 2 years. I started it, got sidetracked by graduation and always meant to come back to it. Yeah. So in an effort to get my writing groove back on, I dusted it off and finished it up. Much thanks to losingntrnslatn for the beta work.

Shall I tell you a tale? One of love, hate, sex, mystery, and most of all, murder. Collapse )

Rock & Roll

*gives puppy eyes*


A few weeks ago I signed up with and on the list of upcoming parties was one for American Idol where one of the hosts would win a new Ford Fusion & a trip to LA.

So, I signed up. Not figuring I'd get to host the party.

But I did. My stuff for the party came yesterday. Lovely AI & Ford stuff to give to my guests. Backpacks & Cookie Cutters & Balloons & More.

Here's where I'd love some help. You can vote for me and I get additional chances to win. And you can win some goodies also. $500 & $100 Gift Cards are up for grabs for voting for me.

Vote for me so that I have additional chances to win a 2010 American Idol-inspired Ford Fusion and a trip for two to LA for the American Idol Finale! To vote, click on the link below to register for a chance to win too!

Vote Here - Direct Link to Voting

Also if you're in the hood and would like to come next Tuesday let me know. Karaoke & Rainbow Cake!

CSI Fic: Santa Wishes

TITLE: Santa Wishes
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Grissom/Sara
RATING: General
SPOILERS: Sort of through the first part of Season 9.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Sara makes a list for Santa.
NOTES: This is my bestkeptprivate Secret Santa fic for sidlechick87. Beta'd by the always kind and lovely mingsmommy

You know, I haven’t believed in Santa since I was about fiveCollapse )

CSI Fic - Wii Love

TITLE: Wii Love
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Griisom/Sara
SPOILERS: Latter half of season 8.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Sara comes for a visit, and brings something new with her.
NOTES: For becofoz's prompt of a Wii & GSR. Beta'd by mingsmommy.

I miss you and the slobber monster.Collapse )

HP Fic - Unexpected

TITLE: Unexpected
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Hermione/Snape
SPOILERS: Through book 7, though EWE
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Hermione had set off on holiday with certain plans in mind. She got so much more.
NOTES: This was both requested by & beta'd by mingsmommy who requested a Snape/Hermione story. :)

She also hadn’t planned on kissing himCollapse )

CSI Fic - Pretty Hot

TITLE: Pretty Hot
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Brass & Grissom Friendship
RATING: General
SPOILERS: Pre-Series
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Grissom is honestly perplexed.
NOTES: For broken_enemy's prompt of Brass & Grissom bonding over a Britney Spears CD. Much thanks to mingsmommy for the kind beta work.

She’s pretty hot, huh,Collapse )

CSI Fic - Shoelaces

TITLE: Shoelaces
AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Grissom/Sara
RATING: General
SPOILERS: Through current season.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: He was off to the next grand adventure in his life.
NOTES: For snowydragon1776's prompt of shoelaces. Thanks to the always lovely mingsmommy for the beta.

Tropical climes and Sara were his future...Collapse )


It all turned out so very lovely. Hopefully soon I can actually not be tired or busy enough to write some more about it.

snowydragon1776 was so very awesome. Running back to the truck a bunch of times. Dressing up. And taking awesome photos.

And buying too many presents. She is so very awesome. :) *squishes her*

And here are some of the photos.

Me before.
Pics HereCollapse )

Links at Photobucket or Picasa

OMG You Guys!

You guys are so very awesome!

snowydragon1776 showed up tonight with the most awesome thing!

Thank you so much for all the work you did on my album cropper1818!

And thank you all so very much for having this made for you. Hugs to you all!


It is very beautiful & I am so very touched. You are all so very awesome and generous.

From Photo Album

From Photo Album

From Photo Album

CSI Fic - I Do

AUTHOR: jenbachand
PAIRING: Grissom/Sara, Greg/Sara
SPOILERS: Somewhat through current season, but as I'm boycotting until I get my happy ending, it's based on summaries of episodes.
DISCLAIMER: I made no money from the writing of this fic.
SUMMARY: Something in the mail overwhelms Grissom and brings back memories.
NOTES: A gazillion years ago someone suggested Jude's I Do as a good songfic for angsty GSR. As I wasn't in a place for it then, I kept it in my mind, but here it is. It carries a hankey warning, as mingsmommy told me it made her weepy when she looked it over. Thanks to losingntrnslatn for the second read through.

I got a letter todayCollapse )

Writing Exercise

A while back que_quae_quod put this up in her journal and I was intrigued. Of course 500,000 other things have taken priority, but I'm feeling like I need an outlet this afternoon.

Write three short paragraphs, the first FEAR, the second ANGER, and the last PLEASURE, without using those words. Try to render these emotions by describing physical sensations or images. Try to make your language precise and fresh.

AbigailCollapse )

SaraCollapse )

SarahCollapse )

I'm not quite sure I got all the emotions by themselves, but I do feel better now. All done in my little LJ window with no editing. Hope you liked.